The Broken Egg

The other day we went on a walk. We heard some chickens clucking and followed the noise.

There was a little chicken coop and a few chickens and my kids thought it was awesome.

Who needs the zoo? Not them. While we were admiring the chickens, the owner walked around

the corner and introduced herself and told us about her feathered friends. She reached into the

coop and pulled out an egg and handed it to my daughter. I mean you would have thought she handed her a ruby.


It was awfully sweet of the woman to do. We carefully walked the egg back home (tucked underneath the stroller seat).


When we arrived home I handed the egg back to my daughter. I turned around and a second

later  her face looked like she had seen a ghost. Then I saw the egg dripping down her outfit and all over the porch.


She was devastated. What was more devastating was when I asked her why she broke

her egg, she replied, ” I wanted to see the baby chick inside.”