Easy Interior Design Projects

interior_designWhen you think about your perfect living space, what do you think about? Do you see colors that combine in harmony or do you see a small chaos? Unfortunately, many people don’t take into consideration the importance of interior design as they think that it’s enough to have some furniture and some carpets on the floors to set a house and make it adequate for living.

This is where the interior design comes in – with its help, you can make many changes in terms of interior aspect. There are plenty of interior design projects that could help you transform your house from plain and simple to luxurious and welcoming, without too much investment or too much work.

Let’s see some interior design projects that can change the aspect of your house.

Painting the Walls

Yes, this is a big project, but not in terms of money or value, but in terms of working hours, because it can take you more to set everything back in its place. Painting the walls will change the air in the whole house and it will give a clean aspect, no matter what colors you choose. The single thing that can make you postpone this project is the fact that you’re going to need about a week to put everything back to its place.

White is the recommended color for every room, as it gives off the feeling of space and a clean environment. You can later combine it with different elements in different colors, so you won’t have to worry that you won’t be able to match the pieces of furniture, the carpets or other small details.

If you want something special, you could make a wall in every room in a different color, so that it’s something that gives a contrast – a focus element.

Interior Designing
Adding Color

You can’t live in a house that has no colors in it, and every person loves different colors. It doesn’t matter what colors you use in your house, because the most important aspect is that you have to use complementary colors or colors in similar tones to create a beautiful effect.

For example, if you have white walls in a room and many furniture pieces are white, you could add different colors to make it more vibrant and alive. Depending on what you like, you could add red and orange to create warmth. The items don’t have to be very big – you could choose pillows for the couch, small paintings for the walls, vases for flowers and other similar items that can catch you eye.

The same could be done in every room – the bedroom could have a bigger painting on the walls in nuances of red for inspiring passion, the bathroom could be decorated with blue and green items and so on.

Redecorating the Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom and you don’t like how it looks, you can always redecorate it to make it look bigger and more beautiful. Instead of a small mirror, use a big mirror to cover the whole wall – place it above the vanity and you will see how big chair-1-iconthe room will seem. If you can’t afford to have a bathtub, you can install a shower – it’s nice to use every morning and it occupies less space.

The tiles could always be white or blue – they create the illusion of a bigger space and combined with the mirrors they create a great effect. Also, changing the lighting fixtures can change the aspect of the bathroom – something that is set above the mirror is better than on the ceiling.

Apart from this, the small details also count, so you can also change all the fixtures from the cabinets – drawer pulls and handles with something shining and new.