Advantages of Whole House Water Filters

file5871253224489If you are concerned about the water quality in your home, you have to think about more than just if it’s safe to drink. A water filter placed on the kitchen tap or a pitcher filter system may be adequate for those who just want better tasting drinking water, but a whole house water filter has more advantages if you need cleaner water to wash dishes and even wash your hair in.

Having bad water in the home is simply unacceptable to most people. The biggest benefit of using a filter system that covers the entire home is that it does cover all of the water in the entire home. It will make the water you bathe in and wash your children in much safer.

Another benefit is that it will remove more of the contaminants than a smaller scale system for the kitchen is able to remove. There are different technologies used in different systems, but it really doesn’t matter which one you choose for this point.

The amount of harmful bacteria and other particles removed from the water will be far greater with a system that protects the entire home than it will with a pitcher filter.

Also, when you improve the water quality for the entire home you enhance the value of your property in the case you ever want to sell. Having a water purification system is an attractive selling point for buyers in general, but if there is genuinely something wrong with the water in your local area then it is absolutely essential if you want to attract serious buyers.

There are also great benefits to the taste of the water with a high quality whole house water filter system. You can get that fresh taste and have the ease of mind that the water coming out of every tap is clean and safe.

Possible risks of not using water filter

Exposure to low levels of chloroform gas causes dizziness, headaches and fatigue. Chronic or long term exposure to small amounts of chloroform gas can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. A whole house water filter that blocks THMs can protect you from the dangers of chloroform exposure.

The problem is that not every whole house water filter can do the job. Some that block chlorine do not block THMs. It’s illogical, since THMs are a by-product of chlorine, but it’s true, just the same.

Other whole house water filters, reverse osmosis, for example, do not even block chlorine. So, you have to shop carefully and request certified performance data before you buy any whole house water filter.

Probably the worst thing is that researchers believe that there is a link between certain types of cancer (rectal and breast cancer are two examples) and showering in chlorinated water. Drinking it and inhaling the chemical is a problem, but in the shower, it is absorbed through the skin. So, chlorine blocking shower filters and whole house water filters should be considered cancer preventatives.
Whole house water filtration system can also save you hefty money by stopping you from buying bottled water. Nevertheless, it also provides you with safe, clean, and clear water for any use like drinking, bathing, etc.

If you wish to get natural quality water in your house, your best option is by getting a whole house water purification system.